About Us

Helping businesses succeed with technology

Starting out

Having worked for several software companies since 2007, Mahendra felt the time was right to follow his dream. And, what was the dream? Well, to build a company that helps businesses achieve their objectives through technology, be it software, websites, or mobile applications.

A new landscape

Soon after completing his studies in computer science, Mahendra discovered and was seduced by New Zealand. Not only did the lifestyle appeal, but Mahendra also recognised a need for the unique expertise he can offer. So, in 2016, Mahendra took the plunge and set up AAT New Zealand.

Why us?

We are a team of specialists, not ‘Jacks of all trades.’ So, for example, a specialised engineer will help you if you have a software-related inquiry. This specialist approach enables us to deliver the best solutions quickly and we have a huge level of expertise at our disposal.

World-class expertise

We are a team of experts, not all-rounders. So, our results are world class.

prompt email support

Experiencing technical problems? Contact us anytime for prompt technical support.

Free Consultation

What do you want to achieve? We can help. Contact us for a consultation. It’s free.

Fast response

Everyone at AAT is an expert in a particular area. So, we can deliver answers fast.